If you visit India and you do not visit Taj Mahal than your visit to India is wasted and you have seen nothing. The city of Taj, Agra is one of the best destinations that you can Visit in India. Your vacations in Golden triangle will make you visit this culturally rich city. The city has a lovable past, sweet present and a bright future ahead it. People of Agra are quite friendly and hospitable. Situated on the banks of Yamuna River, the city is house of three UNESCO recognized heritage sites which include Taj Mahal, Agra Fort and Fatehpur Sikri. Thr rich culture of this beautiful place is the proof of this city being capital of India during Mughal rule. During your Visit to Agra you will see the beauty of Taj Mahal, grandness of architecture and charisma of the lifestyle. The cuisine of the city is the best part that you can experience that features with rich Mughal culture and food style. The handicraft work of the city is world famous renowned for their own style.

All these three cities are the best in their own way. Each of them features majestic monuments, arts and architecture, fold dance and music, temples, national parks and everything that will make your India journey a memorable one. You will get to see the fusion of culture, traditions, history, lifestyle and all in a single array. So Lets’ give you the brief about the Tours of Golden Triangle. Your Journey will start with your arrival at Delhi, the first destination in Golden Triangle Tours. Commonly known as the heart of India, Delhi is filled with rich culture, history and traditions. The lifestyle of Delhi is filled with the blend of modern and traditionalist. During your Delhi Travel you will visit monuments like Red Fort, Jama Masjid and Qutub Minar. The history of the city takes us back to back as old as time. The City was first mentioned in Indian epic Mahabharata when the city was called Indraprastha. It was the home of Pandvas, five sons of King Pandu. If you wish you can also make your tours to such places in Delhi which will make you travel to the time of Mahabharat time. The ancient architectures which are built with the mixture of Indian Mughal art are the treat for eyes. City from the point of tourism is broadly divided into two parts, Old Delhi and New Delhi. On one hand Old Delhi gives you the chance to take a tour to the by Mughal era through its congested roads, old styled markets like Chandni Chowk, meena bazaar and so one and the forts. While on other hand the New Delhi is filled with modernize culture, contemporary lifestyle, plush malls and many more.